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All Golf Training Aids is Committed to Improving Your Game!

All Golf Training Aids offers a complete selection of golf swing trainers for your game improvement. Full Swing training aids, Swing Plane training devices, Putting Aids, Tempo practice aids, Golf Alignment, Golf Impact, Stance and Balance. If you are looking to improve your game, we have the latest in golf training aids for you.

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Smart Stick


SUPER Impact Bag

Orange Whip

Stance Minder

Alignment Training
Golf Alignment is essential for the perfect golf swing. We have a comprehensive selection of Golf Alignment training aids to help you in aligning yourself and keeping your body square to the target. Proper Golf Alignment is the first step to a great golf swing.
Alignment Training

Golf Club Head Speed

Improve your club head speed and distance! How far you are able to hit the ball will largely be determined by how fast you swing the golf club. We offer a number of training devices to aid you in developing a fast, accurate golf swing!
Club Head Speed

Full Swing Golf Practice
Our selection of Full Swing training aids will help you focus on swinging the golf club faster than you have in the past, while maintaining the proper balance and control.

Golf Mats
Choose from a variety of Dura-Pro Golf Mats. From Residential Golf Mats to Commercial Golf Mats, get the Real Feel Golf Mats that allow you to hit down and through. Dura-Pro Golf Mats Out Last Them All!

Golf Nets and Golf Netting
We offer a nice selection of golf nets for your backyard or indoor golf practice.

Golf Simulators
Golf Simulators for your home practice. Play golf indoors all year round! Improve your game, analyze your swing, and hone your skills with one of our golf simulators!

Grip and Release Training Aids
The Grip is the single most important aspect of your golf swing. Without a proper grip, you can't possibly hit a golf ball with the necessary power of accuracy. Your left and right hands should work together. Ideally, one should not dominate or overpower the other. Your fingers, and not the palms of your hands, should guide and control the club. Only then can your wrists swing freely, giving you the club head speed you need to hit the ball solidly and consistently. Our selection of golf improvement aids will help you with the proper grip and release.

Impact and Position Golf Aids
A golfer's position at impact is symptomatic of many things that have gone either correctly or incorrectly in the golf swing. By focusing simply on what position a golfer's body should be at the moment of impact, the golfer will have properly honed many of the mechanical moves needed to get there. Our line of training aids will help you improve your skills and make your golf game more enjoybable.

Golf Laser, Light & Sound
Some of the best golf training products use lasers, light and/or sound for instant feedback. Game improvement can be realized many times quicker with visual or audio feedback for most golfers.

Putting Greens & Mats
Putting training is an important part of shooting lower scores. We have a great selection of putting greens and putting mats that not only will improve your game, but give you hours of enjoyment all year round.

Putting Training Aids
How to develop a repeatable putting stroke:
Putting is one of the easiest maneuvers in golf, but one of the hardest to master. Anyone can get it right every once in a while, but the key to being a master putter is being able to repeat your storke every time. Our line of putting trainers will help you find that repeatable putting stroke.

Short Game Golf Practice
The simplest way to improve your golf score is to carry a pencil with an eraser on it. In the game of golf, improving your short game will get you the lower scores you desire. We offer a nice selection of short game training aids to get you the results you are looking for.

Golf Stance & Balance Aids
Stance, balance and proper weight shift are important in maintaining a correct golf swing. A proper stance allows for you to swing with greater accuracy. Understanding cause and effect as it relates to the golf swing can help you train your body to develop more power and accuracy in your swing. Our stance and balance training aids will help you improve and maintain consistency.

Golf Swing Analysis
The best part about golf swing analysis is that it allows you to diagnose your swing problems with instant feedback. You will learn more about your swing than you ever were able to before. We offer a number of golf swing analysis items that can quickly identify problem areas in your golf training program and help you improve your golf swing. Remember practice is the key to good golf training.

Swing Tempo Training Devices
Golf Swing Tempo is one of the most common problems for golfers. Many golfers try to swing too hard and fast, thinking the ball will travel further. Swinging hard and fast does increase distance, but without the proper swing tempo to fit your body, the chances of your shot being consistently accurate dramatically decrease. Practicing with our swing tempo aids will help your golf swing accuracy.

Golf Training Clubs
We offer a wide selection of Golf Training Clubs. Flexible training clubs, weighted training clubs, and hinged training clubs. All of our golf swing trainers will help you improve your golf swing!

Swing Plane Golf Trainers
Swing Plane refers to the path the club travels around the body. Spine angle, hands and arms, and body rotation all play a major role in maintaining the proper golf swing plane. We have a number of golf swing plane trainers to help with teaching you the correct swing plane.

Golf Training Straps
Golf training straps, many times the simplest of training aids, can produce tremendous results. Bill Harmon's Plane EZ, Greg Norman's Secret, Dr. Gary Wiren's Key, Tac-Tic Wrist and Tac-Tic Elbow, just to name a few!

Golf Warm-Up & Golf Fitness
Starting a golf fitness and warm-up plan can lengthen your drive, give you better control and increase endurance, while lowering your score at the same time. See all of our fitness items to help you implement your golf fitness program.